IceFilms XBMC Plugin Tutorial Stream Movies and TV Shows from MegaUpload

*UPDATE* If you are having issues streaming TV Shows or Movies, it could be due to a server change that IceFilms is going through, there is a fix for this problem. Check out the IceFilms fix post.

A new XBMC plugin has been released called IceFilms. This plugin will allow you to stream movies and TV shows from MegaUpload to your AppleTV using the XBMC player for your jailbroken AppleTV 2G. First jailbreak your ATV using our Seas0nPass 4.3 Tutorial then follow our XBMC AppleTV Tutorial to get XBMC installed on your ATV 2G. After you have done that, follow the tutorial below to install the IceFilms plugin.

Step 1: Download this zip file ( make sure to leave it as a .zip file )

Step 2: Upload the zip file to your AppleTV. Use either an AFC2 app or openSSH to make an SFTP connection to the AppleTV’s IP address (find it in the ATV’s settings), username ‘root’ password ‘alpine’ (which is the default for ATV). The .zip files goes in the/private/var/mobile/Media folder. Once there, launch XBMC on your ATV, go to settings, Addons Manager, and select the Install from zip file (it’s in there somewhere…easy to find).

Step 3: Once you’re done, just install IceFilms ( and anything else you like – not necessarily working though ) and that’s it…

Updating the repo/addon

Updates are pushed out via the repo. Users should be notified in XBMC when there are new updates.If you know there is an update but the repo is listing an older version, you are most likely having an issue on your end.

To fix this, you have 2 options:

  1. Reinstall the add-on
  2. Reinstall the repo and addon (start over)

When you first install the addon, you will be prompted to download the metadata container. This file is a 230 mb zip that will serve as the source of the movie information and poster images. Metadata is not scraped via the normal routines as it would take forever each time you loaded the addon. It was designed this way as a system work around to long waits.

Known Bugs

  • A script error may prevent you from viewing certain subfolders (e.g., popular, recently added, etc.) – current fix is to go to Addon Settings and deselect Enable Metadata.
  • A script error may prevent you from viewing specific movie sources (e.g., Black Swan and King’s Speech) – no workaround.
  • Certain files prompt you to enter a captcha – Entering the words in the image correctly will allow to continue as normal.
  • Buffering – XBMC has a limited cache. Kill streams or try other sources.
  • ATV2 720p stutter – Possibly a hardware issue when streaming; however, downloading the file locally and playing may work.


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  1. kimdean

    Installation went ok but when I browse the megaupload folders
    it doesn’t load properly.
    for example, if I browse to “popular” folder,
    it says like loading 25 items and it seats there.

    any ideas?

    • does icefilms only work on the second generation of appleTV?
      would appreciate if someone knows a way to install it on the original silver one.

      • KiwiDan

        icefilms works on both atv1 and atv2. ive had no luck getting 1channel to work on atv1 :( tbh, ive not spent much time on it…

      • zoopmitty

        i thought it worked on both. if you are able to install xbmc on your atv i would assume that its the same way as installing on atv 2. install from zip under SYSTEMS->ADD-ON->INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE in your xbmc.

        i could be wrong.

  2. stiv bader

    I look in the /var/mobile/media/ file and the file is there, but XBMC doesnt recognize the zip file. Why?

    • Andrew

      the zip need to be in the var/mobile folder for apple tv 2

  3. Preston

    Forgive me, I’m a novice in these matters; however, i’ve managed to jailbreak the AppleTV as well as manually install third party software. I’ve had infinite complications with XBMC add-ons. Here is where I have the problem.

    “The .zip files goes in the/private/var/mobile/Media folder.”

    I have no idea what this means. There is no such folder on my mac or my AppleTV, so how do I ultimately get the .zip file to a place where XBMC can unzip it?

  4. amanda

    will i be able to watch the new series True Blood

  5. luc_forget

    How do you install the zip file to your apple tv under/private/var/mobile folder using SSH?

  6. adamuser

    how do i fix buffering

  7. kobukanronin

    These instructions suck for the novice…. however use cyberduck do a search on how to ssh using cyberduck in youtube and thats where I found out how to do it.

  8. For novices: When the instructions call for SSH’ing to your appleTV, that just means you can use your FTP client. Filezilla will do. use Mobile as the login, and alpine as the password. Drag and drop the zip to the folder stated above.

  9. hi there, I did JB apple tv2g and installed nitotv and xbmc but after i add plugings not is rebooting by itself and downloading movies randomly, any ideas ? what i did wrong ,,

  10. Nicole Fontaine

    Hey! I have completed all the steps. When I try to play anything it says “script fail.” any ideas on how to fix this?


  11. I have installed XBMC & Icefilms, I can browse Icefilms however when I select a TV Show or Movie it goes to a blank screen with “..”

    It does say “Mega upload login successful” when I do open Icefilms and still does not work.

    Thank you in advance.

    • I have this same problem

    • Greg, same as you, I select a movie/show etc, and am left with the window, with two .. IE go back a directory, and a very large blue up arrow. this is on apple tv 2.

      is it confirmed the icefilms site is still functioning?

  12. I have the same problem as Greg. A blank screen when I select a TV Show or Movie. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Megaupload has been sued for infringement and therefore the site and all videos are unabled?
    Any others that’s got the same problem?

  13. OMGGGG SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, no one ever says how to manually install these zip files, i tried cyber duck its not working.
    SO i used terminal, got to the update script, and im stuck on the apt-get install????? then what do i write? im stuck there PLEASE HELP thank you

    • ive been using WinSCP with success for several months. Jailbroken and installed icefilms on 5 atv1 and countless atv2′s.

  14. Hi, I have jailbroken my appletv, I have NITO TV and XBMC on it. I have 2 questions please answer (thanks in advance)

    1. How to transfer .zip files the /private/var/mobile/Media folder
    2.Can this be done using PUTTY for windows
    3. What are other addons (for TV Channels, adult, ethnic

  15. Mohammad

    Hi, I have appletv 1 (white one). Is there any way to get icefilms on my appletv?

    I am trying to watch some episodes from Boxee but it requires updated flash player. How could I abe to upgrade my flash. Need suggestions.

    Thank you.

    • I’d also like to know if ATV1 Can run Icefilms somehow.

      • ive run and installed icefilms on 5 atv1′s. no trouble at all. I have always had a MU premium account though.

  16. Chicagorex

    Hi, I was successful getting this to work on my ATV2, but I was NOT successful on the ATV1. I managed to load everything using Cyberduck SSH and installing from the addon installer within XBMC, but I keep getting an addon script error for all add ons.

    It looks like it will work and I’m starting to think that I need to remove all the Boxee and XBMC directories on my ATV1 that was flashed with Firecore. Do a clean install of XBMC and try it again.

    If anyone on this forum has had success with the ATV1 and Icefilms under XBMC addon, please post the version of XBMC you are using and the exact steps you did for installation. If I am successful, I will do the same.


  17. Chicagorex

    Icefilms works on an ATV1. My ATV1 is flashed with the latest Firecore ATVFLASH build. For some reason, I had to uninstall the XBMC version I had. This means I had to remove it from the apps directories and application addon directories using SSH to my ATV internal drive. I re-installed XBMC from the ATV menu by first enabling it, then I selected the Dharma 10.1 build. I tested XBMC functionality with some add ons like HGTV, FOOD Network, etc. They worked. Next, I copied the zip file over to /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/ApplicationSupport/XBMC/addons.
    I used the XBMC install from zip file option and everything works exactly like it does on the ATV2. In fact, I would argue that the installation is more straight forward. I SSH into my ATV1 on a regular basis. For people that are new to this. From Cyberduck or Filezilla (whatever FTP software you want to use),
    Open a connection to appletv.local. Username is frontrow and Password is frontrow. You select the SSH option when logging in. If you have any questions on getting this to work, feel free to send me a question on this forum.
    I would not even attempt any of this unless your ATV1 (white) is already flashed with Firecore.

    • I got icefilms up on my ATV1 and i can see films etc via the app. But when i click on a source to play the file, i get a loading box, then nothing happens. Or if i click a few times, i can hear the video start to play but cant see anything and then it stops.
      Any ideas? I’ve installed it a couple of times but nothing changes.

      • Chicagorex

        Olly, that sounds like a LAN performance issue to me. The fact that the stream starts means you have it installed correctly. If possible, connect your ATV1 via the Ethernet cable. Go to a pc that is on your lan and run In order to stream any content to your ATV, you need decent performance. Every now and then, it’s not a bad idea to restart your router and restart all the devices attached to it. I restarted mine the other day when one of my ATVs seemed very sluggish. Sure enough, that cured the problem. When you run your, let me know what you see. When I run the test on my Comcast, it shows 23 mbps down and 4 mbps up.

    • Hey, this is a question for Chicagorex. I’m hoping that you may be able to help me. I have a 1st generation Apple TV with the latest apple TV software update and XBMC (also the latest update — ‘Eden beta”). Everything seems to be working fine. My question is in regards to the XBMC Adult Repository/Scrapers. I have also installed this, I believe, correctly. I am able to view the various adult scrapers and select specific ones for a folder full of movies (in .avi format)m however the scarping doesn’t seem to want to happen. I understood scraping would provide information for the video files, including providing covers, actors, etc. Nothing happens. Do I still need FireCore for this to work?Are there any adult scrapers that do work and/or am neglecting to do something? Thank you. Hope you can help!

      • Chicagorex

        I can’t help you on the adult repository as I don’t have any of that installed and have that content filtered on my LAN. I can tell you that Firecore for the ATV1 uses a program called “Sapphire”. Let’s say you have a folder filled with movies or TV shows. When you name the file, you stick with naming conventions that match the IMDB database. Sapphire goes out to the internet and automatically loads the posters, info (Meta Data) etc. for every movie. I have no idea if this is true for adult content or if IMDB or others provide that info. If there is a source like that (IMDB) for adult content, you can point sapphire to that screen scraper and it will gather the meta data for that content. The ATV2 is a little more automatic in terms of gathering the content if you have firecore loaded. On the other hand, if you are streaming content using the XBMC addons, Firecore has nothing to do with the screen scrapes/posters. I think that’s an added feature in the add on itself. I’m not 100 percent sure of that, but hope this helps.

  18. I’m having (i think) a megaupload related problem. Ive got Icefilms working, but it only seems to stream one link every hour or so. So if i watch one thing,then try to watch another, it wont work. Usually if I leave it for about an hour I can watch something else, then have to wait another hour. Is there any way round it?

    • Hi Safe, I’m having the same issue. I can only get a program to work after a while.
      Any info on how to resolve this issue. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  19. Just to clarify Im from UK, using ATV2 and I’m on 4.4.4

  20. I downloaded the zip for my aptv2 and transfer it with cyberduck and tried again with FileZilla and everithing goes ok but when i find it within install from zip the file looks empty, please help!!

  21. itchyflea

    can someone help. i can upload the file to apple tv 2 but when i open the file theres nothing in there, its completely empty, but theres stuff in there when i open it on my mac any one no why its empty on atv 2 ??

    • I have installed the newest version on XBMC, and then i placed the newest anarchintosh-projects file (icefilm file) in the media file on ATV2 via. cyberduck. When i’m trying to install from zip file on my ATV2, it says “Add-on does not have the correct structure”..

      I’m running version 4.4.4 on my ATV2, with the newest version of XBMC installed through NitoTv today.

      What to do? Please help!

      • zoopmitty

        this simple trick did it for me..

        i noticed that when i download the file its about 17 kb but when i upload it to my apple tv it was 25 kb. so somewhere it was adding something or changing something. here is what i was doing… i download the file and since i was using safari it automatically open the zip file so i was re-zipping it. for me that was the problem. so if you are using safari and re-zipping (by right clicking and choosing “COMPRESS FILENAME” on the file you downloaded) don’t do that… instead try this…. i’m going to assume that you are using safari….

        CLICK ON SAFARI at the top of the menu bar>>GO TO PREFERENCE and in the GENERAL TAB make sure you UNCHECK the “OPEN SAFE FILE AFTER DOWNLOADING box at the bottom. that should do the trick… i hope.. lol

        this was where i got the file

        i put the said file in var>>mobile>> of the appletv and is not working flawlessly

        • zoopmitty

          i put the said file in var>>mobile>> of the appletv and is *** NOW*** (not NOT) working flawlessly

  22. hey i have the same problem as the rest in here i can’t get the icefilm to work, when i open icefilms i can see the category ” movie, series” but when i try to se the films it just go black why

    i got the icefilm version 1.0.21 . but i dont know what version of xbmc i got

    can some on make a new updated video on how to do the install of icefilms and upload it on youtube and post a link to it in here.

  23. I have my Apple TV 2 Jailbroken and I have been Jailbreaking Apple devices for years but I cannot find the Icefilms Zip file on xbmc after installing with WinScp..

    I can see the zip file on my Apple TV2 through WinScp but I see absolutely nothing in the xbmc on my Apple Tv..

    Is this a common bug & What is the fix?

    (By icefilms zip file I am referring to the anarchintosh-projects file and I am 100% sure it is saved in zip format)

  24. I have a jail broken apple tv 2 and all my video add-ons reads me a script failed! whatever I try to watch…… Anyone seen this and fixed it before????

    • Chicagorex

      Hi Angelo,
      It sounds like you have a corrupted copy of XBMC. I had this issue on an ATV1. You can SSH into the box and remove the XBMC program directory. Re-install XBMC. In my case, I used Firecore to re-install XBMC. If this is happening on all your add ons, then it’s a problem with the coy of XBMC you have. Hope that helps.

  25. Hi. Just installed Icefilm and Navi-x on my apple tv 2. It seems that alot of the movies and tv shows on Icefilm is not working. The movies are loading but not popping up, like if the link was broken or something. It’s not all movies though. Some are working just fine! Any of you experiencing the same?

    I haven’t done the fix yet, since I cant find out when that *update* was written and I was wondering if the servers are back to ‘normal’ or is the just the issue here?

    thx, Kris.

  26. Im stuck on step 2 in your instructions. i have my ATV2 jailbroken and installed xbmc, so ive downloaded that icefilms zip and im lost in terminal.

    ive entered the root of my apple tv and im lost tring to find the location /private/var/mobile/Media folder so i candrop that downloaded zip..

    please shine some light to my issue.



  27. josephine

    hi are there megaupload watch limits on icefilms on the apple tv when you stream just wondering please reply?

    • Ive heard there is limits now. Ive bought the 2 year MU premium for 60euros. bargin price, and well worth the money. I encourage everyone to get a premium MU account.

  28. I have the Navi-x zip file saved in the correct folder on my atv2 but when I go to install the file from zip I have a very weird problem..

    My atv2 says add on enabled for Navi-x but I am unable to install or even find the Navi-x app on my atv2. A search will turn up nothing.

    So basically I have the zip file saved onto my atv2 and I am being told it is enabled but I cannot install the Navi-X plugin. I have tried 2 different version of Navi-X and still no joy : (

    Does anyone know of a possible fix?


    • Navi-X is under “Programs” on the XBMC main menu. its not in “Video/Add-ons”.

      • Thanks : )

      • Does a lot of the video content not work on Navi-X?

        I am trying to play videos from videofinder, Crackle & Stagevu but they all hang on loading and no video will play.

        • i havent had much luck with navi-x. i only install it on the atv2s i sell on CL. my personal atv2 only has icefilms installed, no other video plugins are reliable enough for me.

          • Nice little hustle you have going ; )

            I Unlock & Jailbreak Apple devices full time but I just purchased my first Apple TV a few days ago.

            Do you experience a lot of stuttering & hiccups on Icefilms when you play movies in 720p?

            Some HD movies work fine (The other guys & Hangover 2) but most of the movies stutter like crazy.

          • people love them and they pay a premium for them.

            I have the exact experience with 720p content on my atv2 as well.

            I dont bother with the 720p anymore.

          • How much do you sell a Jailbroken atv2 for and do people ever call you back with very many issues?

            I Jailbroke an atv2 for a customer today and he absolutely loved it.. You should offer the service on Clist, Backpage & Other classified websites and charge like $50 a pop ; )

            You would not even need to sell people the Apple TV.

          • $180CAD for a JB’d atv2.

            ive only had one guy call back, because he cocked up and deleted my MU premium details from icefilms and wanted the password so he could watch more stuff. i had to politely decline.

            (i leave my account in them for a week, then change the PW)

            i do offer the service on CL. $40 for atv2, $30 for atv1.

            Seems there are several guys in vancouver doing it.

          • Nice.

            Why do the customers need a premium megaupload account?

            I have been using Icefilms with no account details and all of my streams load instantly.. The customer’s atv that I jailbroke today also worked perfectly with no megaupload account.

            I thought the atv2 has like an 8gb flash drive.. Whats the point of downloading anything?

          • WIth premium the atv2 isnt at the mercy of MU.

            ive had a non premium ATV2 here on the bench showing a plugin error. next to a working atv2 with the premium account. Sometimes free MU works well, soemtimes it doesnt…

            i convince my buyers to get MU premium, they see how sucky the non premium account is when i change my password after a week.

          • That is weird because I have seen a couple of plugin errors but the video will normally load fine afterward.

            I have an issue where sometimes I will see a video is loading (On the bottom right hand corner prepping the movie to start) but then it just takes me back to the icefilms menu but that issue is fixed by a simple reboot of my Apple TV.

            I will definitely keep your information in mind if customers have any problems but I did initially wonder if a premium megaupload account would help with picture quality.. I would guess that most icefilms scrip errors can be fixed by simply unplugging your Apple TV and waiting 5-10 minutes.

          • megaupload premium account also allows the use of more than one atv in a household.

            with free, you can only DL one MU stream per WAN IP address.

            i have one guy running 6 ATVs in his house, all on premium.

            premium doesnt help with picture quality, its just more reliable.

            i dont have to reset my atv2 very often, once a month maybe? might be as i only install xbmc and icefilms, nothing else.

  29. Hi
    Reading all the messages, there is a lot of people who can only seem to stream 1 film with icefilms and then it stops working if they stop and try again.
    I have a friend on very fast vigin cable broadband and he seems to have that same problem, so i got him to pop hit apple tv 2g over to me and it works fine on my adsl broadband, i can watch what ever film i want and switch between any other films ok, but when he got home he still has the same problem with where he can start one stream, but if he stops it and starts another, the film will not start, just a blank screen and back to main menu, However if he unplugs and plugs back in the power cable on the apple tv 2g then he can watch another stream, but again it will not work if he stops and starts it again,
    so it sounds very much like it has somthing to do with Virgin media broadband, Can any of the other posters with this problem confirm whether they are on virgin media or adsl,
    With me no problems at all with adsl with my box and his box plugged into it.

    • zoopmitty

      i got a similar problem and i’m on time warner cable… i can watch a show and stop out of it and AS LONG AS I GO WAYYYY BACK OUT TO THE TOP (TO THE POINT WHERE I CHOOSE ICEFILMS) MENU i can choose another show and it’ll play. if i don’t back out to the top menu i get the same problem where it says its loading and then spit me back out to the source page of the file I’m trying to watch

  30. Downloaded the icefilms countless times. Cannot locate in xbmc zip file menu. WTF? PLEASE HELP. Search on internet and all it says is that it should be easy to locate. Not true for me at least. I have unzipped, downloaded firefox, and looked everywhere but xbmc cannot find it when I ssh..

    • you downloaded this?

      did you run WinSCP, connect to your AppleTVs IP address, using the username and login you know from which software your jailbroke your ATV2?

      when you were connected to the ATV2, did you copy the above file you downloaded, over into /private/var/mobile?

      if you did that, you would be able to find the zip file, under the “install from Zip File” menu.

      install from there.

      if you are trying to open the zip file to view the files inside, you are doing something wrong.

      • Well I ran ssh as i have a mac. I did all the steps the only thing I can’t find the /private/var/mobile… If I ssh to my atv2 then I assumed that I would be able to see it??? not my case. Dunno where the zip file is located…

        • if you cant find /private/var/mobile i cant help you anymore. sorry dude.

          when i open winscp it defaults to /private/var/root , i have to go back a directory to find mobile. is this where you are having a problem?

          regardless. this is my last post as it seems you have completed all the hard steps and now you are stuck on the basics. good luck!

        • zoopmitty

          well if you have a mac (as i do) use cyberduck. i was having the same problem i couldn’t get to “PRIVATE” so i just put the file under /var/mobile and that works fine. do not unzip the file. and also when you do download the file make sure it stays zipped. my second problem installing this repo was that i was using safari and had it automatically unzip the file. so i was re-zipping the file and sending it to my apple tv only for it to say that the file didn’t match… so if you are still reading this post i’ll walk you through the whole thing…. here it goes.

          1) before you download the file (i’m assuming you are using safari) click on safari on the top left of your screen. next to the apple logo. go into the preference and then click on the general tab. from there if you look at the bottom you’ll see “open safe file after downloading” THAT SHOULD NOT BE CHECKED. so if there is a check there uncheck it (that was cause of one problem) if you download the zip file and it unzips automatically and you re-zip it the file no longer work. i don’t know why… it just don’t

          2)now you are ready to download the zip file from the beginning of the post

          3)ssh into your apple tv using cyberduck (thats what i’m using and i have no problem with it and i’ll assume you will too since you are on a mac)

          4)once you are connected to your apple tv with cyberduck hit the triangle to go to the top directory of your apple tv (its the triangle that is to the left of the search box) you’ll know you are in the top menu when all you have is / in your directory window and you see folders like application, bin, boot, core, dev, etc etc…

          5)from that starting point go into var/mobile by double clicking on each
          this is where you would drag your zip file into. for me when i go into xbmc and look for the file it is here that shows up VAR/MOBILE and not PRIVATE/VAR/MOBILE

          6)go into your XMBC on your appletv and go to
          SYSTEMS->ADD-ON->INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE. *****NOTE***** on my system when i get here it shows the home folder but it will show the path as /VAR/MOBILE ******NOTE***** hit the center button on your apple remote and you should see the zip file here

          7)hi-lite the zip file to install the repo. once that is done check it by clicking on GET ADD-ONS from the same menu as where the “INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE” was. if it installed o.k. you should see ANARCHINTOSH ADDONS and it should be enabled.

          8)from that screen click on…
          ANARCHINTOSH ADDONS->VIDEO ADD-ONS->ICEFILMS to install it. let that finish and you should be all good to go.

          ****UPDATE**** i have done this after MEGAUPLOAD was shut down and now ice films is using 2share servers and mine is working almost perfect. about 4 out of 5 shows/movies plays. hope this helps

  31. Megaupload got shut down today : (

  32. zoopmitty

    ice films plays now. i’ve had two out of three shows play. one was afro samurai and other being ncis.. after i played the first show i had to go back out to the menu and come back in to be able to play ncis after not being able to play the second show i chose. so for now i’ll take what i can get. seems to be that they are moving things over to 2share servers.

    *note* i had to install and reinstall icefilms a couple of times. it may be that the last install was the latest version and thats what caused it to work

    way to go ICEFILM team.. thank youuuuuuuu

    • i didnt change my icefilms at all and its working again, thanks to 2shared and icefilms i guess.

    • 2shared is not working for me..

      Maybe 1/15 video will play but most of the time I will see working on the bottom right hand corner of icefilms but no joy…

      I have tried reinstalling icefilms but no luck : (

      I would have thought the developers of Icefilms would be a little bit smarter and use more than 1 website//server to upload content too..

      • zoopmitty

        right now i think its hit or miss… so far if i play a show and quit out of it i can’t play another show unless i go way out to apple tv main screen. that happens 4/5 times. also i see some of the files don’t have the tag “2S” for the source name and those never play. it acts like its starting and then nothing.

        and others i hear can play only 1 file of their random choosing every now and again. so i say just be patient and I’m pretty sure dev team will get all the bugs worked out..

  33. So no more icefilms?

  34. is there any respositary to replace icefilms or similar to icefilms Thanks in advance

    • zoopmitty

      i haven’t come across one as of yet…. but ice films now uses 2share servers and is working. (well working for some and not for others) the selection isn’t as large as when they were using mega upload but it seems like it is getting build up day by day

      but if you still want something different do a search for ice film alternatives in google you should get some good results

    • zoopmitty

      but if you really really want something try Navi-X. its a bit munu intensive but once you dig through the “USER FOLDERS” you’ll never go back to… some ppl complain the video don’t play but in my personal experience thats only been the case maybe 2/10 vids/tv shows..

      you’ll install this add-on from XBMC by using INSTALL FROM ZIP and once its installed it’ll show up under programs in XBMC and not VIDEOS

    • 1channel is even better than navi-x, imho…

  35. When I download the file to my Macbook Pro, it doesn’t show up as a zip.. it’s a .rar file and I’m not sure how to fix that!?

  36. icefilms is no longer working..

    I look at the plug-in and it said dependencies not met. I decided to uninstall and now it just says broken next to it and I can’t do anything. What did I do wrong?

    • zoopmitty

      try using 1channel. kiwidan brought it to my attention and i’m liking it a whole lot. more so than ice film

      • KiwiDan

        icefilms was great before the FBI witch hunt on megaupload. 1channel is your 2012 replacement… even navi-x is a bit rubbish compared to to 1channel.

        thanks 1Channel.

        • zoopmitty

          yeap yeap…. I’m finding that is more likely the case.. i like how it has separate korean and jap… wife begged me to install it on her atv after she saw few of the shows on mine and….. well lets say she’s caught up on all her shows.. lol

          ohhh by the way thx for 1channel

          • KiwiDan

            no probs zoopmitty. a complete legend named Rob (from surrey, BC) let me in on the secret of 1Channel…

            glad you are enjoying it.

            hope the rest of ya’ll are using it as well lads!

        • Have you found any methods to make seasonpass work?

          Apple seemingly stopped signing 4.4.4 right away :(

      • I already have 1channel, Navi X & VeeHD but I saw that Icefilms was updated and I would like to know why it suddenly stopped working on my ATV 2…

        1channel is sweet but WWE Raw was pulled yesterday : (

        • zoopmitty

          i can’t get IceFilms working on my atv either. it worked fine just a couple of days ago… maybe the servers are down or something

          • Are you guys having any problems with 1channel & VeeHD today?

            All of the video sources on 1channel provide a script error except for putlocker…

          • KiwiDan

            only think not working for me is “Recently Added” under movies… only thing giving me a script error.

          • zoopmitty

            i’m getting script errors all across the board on 1channel. up until yesterday my wife atv was giving scrip errors and mine was working fine. today its both tav

          • Have you tried putlocker?

            Seems to be the only server working for me : (

          • zoopmitty

            on one i get scrip error after the “loading directory” if i go to TV shows>>A-Z>> any letter.. so i can’t/don’t even have an option to choose a server.. but i’m able to watch movies although i get buffering like crazy. just weird how one atv does different thing from the other

          • zoopmitty

            i had to do a clean install and now all is working fine… i can go into the tv shows and even play then with no problem. unless of course the problem is on the server side. tried 4 not so old shows and played. follow the steps outlined here. its by the master Bstrdsmkr

            follow the steps and delete the folders he tell you and reinstall. now the only thing to check and see is if this problem will repeat in few days.

          • zoopmitty

            just got xbmc installed on my iPad. along with 1channel. now my media thirst is quenched… YEAHHHHH BABYYYY

  37. Anyone able to Jailbreak with Seasonpass today?

    I have done a ton of ATVs but cannot get past the 3194 error since 5.0 was released : (

  38. hi guys,

    megaupload is down!!

  39. KiwiDan

    sorry, that was rude.

    megaupload has been down for ages olaf. FBI took em down a fair while ago.

    please give 1Channel repo a go, its a lot better/reliable than icefilms was.


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