How to do an Untethered Jailbreak on AppleTV 2G 4.3 using Seas0nPass [Video Tutorial]

Hey everyone, this is a video tutorial to show you how to do an untethered 4.3 jailbreak on your AppleTV 2G using Seas0nPass. This is a very simple and straight-forward tutorial that pretty much anyone can do. Please following along with the video and if you have any questions or issues feel free to ask.

Seas0nPass – Win
Seas0nPass – Mac


  • If you can’t get into DFU mode try doing a rest first(hold down menu and the down button for 6 seconds) and then attempt to enter DFU
  • If you still can’t enter DFU mode, try a different Micro USB cable(as I mention in the video, AppleTV is picky about what cable you use.

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  1. I keep trying, and seas0npass says “success” yet when i plug it into the tv theres no seas0npass menu. Super frustrating! any troubleshooting ideas? thnx

  2. affter jailbreak idont see myseas0npass
    any help

  3. I got device not eligible for restore


    So. I’ve been at this thing ever since 11am. I even skipped work. It is already 5pm.
    I have downloaded this software majiggy 3x. SeasOnPass.

    My Apple TV 2nd Gen does NOT read the DFU mode. I have tried holding it for exactly 7 seconds, and even longer, to no avail.

    I am using my Blackberry cable. It fits, and it is the standard cable.

    I am EXTREMELY frustrated.

    Any one, who is able and who is knowledgeable enough out there, kindly help this silly ol’ me?
    I would be very much grateful.

  5. I tried jailbreaking my ATV2, and now when I plug into the TV it just shows the iTunes logo and mini USB cord. When I try to restore it, Apple won’t verify the update (error 1602). How do I fix it? Please help!

    • Apple is no longer signing 4.3 so this tutorial will not work unless you have your 4.3 SHSH saved.

      • Do you know how I can update to 4.4 (factory settings)? Right now the jailbreak is the least of my worries because it won’t show anything other than connect to iTunes… :(

        • Just connect your AppleTV to your computer and hit “restore” in iTunes

          • I tried that, but it stops when it says “Verifying software update with Apple”…

            It happened yesterday when it was restoring after jailbreaking, but it was my first time so I did a tethered boot after even though it didn’t restore. Is that why it’s not working?

          • Then you’re probably blocking Apple’s verification servers in your hosts file.

          • How would I unblock it?

            (I’m sorry, I must sound really dumb, but this is my first ATV. I probably should’ve done more research before attempting to jailbreak it…)

  6. I get to the point where it opens my iTunes for the install of the firmware and then nothing happens. I’m using MBP 2011

    • OK I was able to get it to open iTunes but now it starts the restore then a message pops up saying:

      The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600)

  7. 4.3 is still beting signed

  8. olddawg052

    I am new to this site and new to all this high tech stuff, my question is what does jailbreaking do for you

    • Jailbreaking gives you root access to your device so that you can install 3rd party applications and tweaks that Apple would not allow on a factory device.

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