How to use a Third Party Remote to control your Apple TV

Although the Apple TV’s remote control looks sleek, it leaves a lot to be desired. The tiny buttons on the awkward-shaped directional pad can make it difficult to browse through iTune’s library of thousands of movies and TV shows.

As you know, you can easily replace the remote with your iPhone using Apple’s Remote app. But did you know there’s another option? You can control your Apple TV with a third-party remote. And it’s actually fairly easy to setup…

If you have a universal remote, like one that came with your TV or cable/satellite box, you can perform these easy steps to program it to run your Apple TV.…

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FireCore Teases New Jailbroken Apple TV 5.0 Interface [UPDATED]

[UPDATED]: FireCore has released another, updated image teasing the interface. Check the last image below.

FireCore, a company well known for their Apple TV jailbreaking and customizing tools has today released a teaser image of their work on the updated Apple TV interface. Just over two weeks ago Apple held a media event where they announced the new generation iPad and the New Apple TV. At the same media event, they also released the new interface for the Apple TV. This new interface is available via a software update for the Apple TV 2G, and comes pre-installed on the New Apple TV.…

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Status of Jailbreak for New Apple TV [Apple TV 3]

About two weeks ago, Apple held a media event in which they announced the New iPad (AKA, in the jailbreaking community, iPad 3) and the New Apple TV. Within 24 hours of the iPad being released for sale to the general public, i0n1c was able to create an untethered jailbreak for the New iPad. That’s great news for iPad owners.

In line with the positive step’s forward for the iPad, there was some great news regarding the New Apple TV. In a teardown performed by a user in the XBMC forums, it was found that the New Apple TV sports an upgraded 512MB ram along with the single core A5 processor.…

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Apple TV has 8GB Flash Storage and 512MB Ram [Teardown]

As we announced earlier, we got our hands on the new Apple TV earlier than expected and have loved all of it’s 1080p goodness. While we already knew there was a single-core A5 processor inside, a forum user from has done a teardown of the device to reveal its insides.

From the teardown, we find that the new Apple TV still has the same 8GB of flash storage like its second-generation brother, but has received a bump to 512MB of RAM…

You’d think Apple would have upgraded the storage beyond 8GB to handle larger 1080p video files, but Cupertino-based Apple chose to stay with Toshiba’s drive.…

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The New Apple TV is here! [AppleTVBlogr Unboxing]

Some exciting news today! As you all know, the New Apple TV is being released for purchase today! thescragster was lucky enough to pick one up a few hours early. Below are a few images and video (uploading now) of the New Apple TV being unboxed.

The Apple TV was schedualled for release in New Zealand as part of the second slot in the international role out. The shipment arrived in NZ earlier than expected. With a friend working within a local store, we were able to pick one up early! Pictures below:

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