How to do an Untethered Jailbreak on AppleTV 2G 4.3 using Seas0nPass [Video Tutorial]

Hey everyone, this is a video tutorial to show you how to do an untethered 4.3 jailbreak on your AppleTV 2G using Seas0nPass. This is a very simple and straight-forward tutorial that pretty much anyone can do. Please following along with the video and if you have any questions or issues feel free to ask.

Seas0nPass – Win
Seas0nPass – Mac


  • If you can’t get into DFU mode try doing a rest first(hold down menu and the down button for 6 seconds) and then attempt to enter DFU
  • If you still can’t enter DFU mode, try a different Micro USB cable(as I mention in the video, AppleTV is picky about what cable you use.
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iOS 4.3 Brings Vimeo to AppleTV 2G and a few other changes

Today Apple quietly released an update for the second-generation Apple TV, adding support for browsing videos stored on the Vimeo service, as well as purchasing and streaming TV shows via iTunes in the Cloud. YOU SHOULD NOT UPDATE if you wish to have your AppleTV jailbroken. It is unclear at this time whether or not any of the current jailbreaking tools will work with this new update. Only update if you do not want to jailbreak.

Notably, for the first time since the second-generation Apple TV was released last fall, this update also appears to unify the “Apple TV Software” version and “OS Build Version”, which are now both listed as 4.3.…

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Photo Stream and AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2 Coming to Apple TV 2

Among the tons of the new features that will come to our iDevices this fall along with iCloud and iOS 5, there are two Apple TV2-related features. The first one is Photo Stream – a special Photo Stream album on your Apple TV 2 will let you access your photos stored in iCloud. iCloud’s Photo Stream service automatically uploads the photos you take or import on any of your devices and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices and computers.

The other feature is AirPlay mirroring that lets wirelessly display everything you do on your iPad 2 right on your HDTV through Apple TV 2.…

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AppleTV Updated to 4.2.2 (iOS 4.3)

AppleTV Updated to 4.2.2 (iOS 4.3)

Apple released minor software update for Apple TV 2 – labeled 4.2.2 – which generally fixes some audio and video playback issues (see the full list of changes below). The IPSW name is still 4.3, but the build version changed from 8F202 to 8F305. @i0n1c has already updated Apple TV 2 kernel for his original 4.3.1 untether. NitoTV confirmed that the new untether works “beautifully”.

Apple TV Software Update 4.2.2 features:

  • Audio: addresses an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video content.
  • Video playback: addresses an issue in which video is not displayed when playing some content.
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PwnageTool 4.2 Now Available For Apple TV 2G – Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2

PwnageTool 4.2 Now Available For Apple TV 2G – Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2

Previously we posted that Greenpois0n RC6 had been released which provides an untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV 2G. The PwnageTool (an application for Mac users) has now been updated which allows users to jailbreak using a custom restore through iTunes.

Jailbreaking using version of the Pwnage Tool is the same as previous versions that have been released. Please click here for a tutorial on how to jailbreak using this tool.

Also, one huge advantage of using the PwnageTool is that it contains a fix for the wifi issues users have been having. Earlier today we also posted a tutorial on how to manually solve the wifi problems that users had encountered after jailbreaking using Greenpois0n, this version of the PwnageTool has this fix built into it.…

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Strange Apple TV version system explained

Have you been confused by which version of Apple TV you are one? What Apple TV 4.0 means? Or why your on iOS 4.2.1? Let me explain.

NitoTV has discovered that the Apple TV itself grabs the ‘software version’ from a file called Info.plist inside of rather than [ATVVersionInfo currentOSVersion], this is causing a confussion.

it appears that SettingsAboutViewController grabs the “software version” number from the Info.plist inside of rather than [ATVVersionInfo currentOSVersion] which is why it listed 4.2.1 in 4.2 and 4.1.1 in 4.2.1

To make it slightly clearer:

Apple TV 4.0 – iOS 4.1 – This firmware was the first firmware version for the Apple TV 2G, released September 1, 2010.…

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